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7 tips for building more powerful lead generation forms


Lead generation forms qualify website visitors and turn them into warm leads. However, the form has to attract users to fill it in. So how to entice people to share their contact details? Discover below.

You’re scrolling through LinkedIn and find yourself sharing your email address to access a whitepaper. You didn’t think twice about it. Instead, you simply inputted your name and email and waited for the whitepaper to land in your inbox. 

Why? Because this was a topic and lead generation form you couldn’t ignore.

Lead generation forms are a simple yet powerful tool to further fill your B2B sales pipeline with new prospects. And we’re here to share seven simple tricks that can elevate the conversion rate of your forms.

What is a lead generation form?

First things first. A lead generation form is a digital form that companies put on their websites to gather the contact details of potential customers. People fill in these forms to ask companies questions, subscribe to a newsletter, download a whitepaper, receive a free sample or trial or schedule a meeting.

When completing these forms, people know that they will be on a mailing list or receive a follow-up phone call. Because of this, many of us are becoming more selective about who we share our information with. So it pays off to create attractive lead generation forms.

Why are lead generation forms necessary for B2B sales?

B2B sales is all about relationships. And the best relationships start when both parties are open to communicating and learning more. Ideally, an exchange of value happens. For example, an e-mail address in exchange for valuable tips. Information that is willingly shared allows you to expand your relationship with the other party. Meaning you can keep building up the trust between you and potential customers until they are ready to convert.

With this in mind, let’s delve into the tips!

1. Offer up an irresistible proposition

All day, across different channels, we’re blasted with offers and call-to-actions. From free giveaways to 25% off coupons, the price for our attention is high. The price for our data is even higher. As a result, consumers are less willing to share it with simply any company.

To stand out, you need to provide people with an offer they cannot say “no” to. An offer which makes people lean a bit closer towards their laptop.

To do this, think about your target group. What are their current challenges? What offer would add value or bring them joy? A clear buyer persona will make answering this question easier. Your answer will dictate the type of content you choose to share. So don’t create an e-book simply because everyone else is. Consider what form of content will resonate the most with your target audience.

2. Have a strong call to action

Your call to action guides users towards an action you want them to take. And it directly influences the conversion rate of your lead gen form.

So what does a strong call to action entail? It should further excite and motivate leads. So you can either emphasise the added value the user will get from filling in your form, like “get your e-book now”. Or “buy now and get 25% off!” which uses action words and triggers people to take a specific action.

Avoid generic calls to action such as “read more” or “check it out”. These do not convey value.

3. Create attractive lead generation forms

Words are important, but so is the look and feel of your lead gen form. It should match your website design and have clearly labelled fields and spaces for information to be filled in. Here are a few more best practices:

  • Keep your form as short as possible. Don’t ask twenty different questions. Stick to collecting the data you need.
  • Include white space in your form to give it a professional feel and clearly guide the user towards each point they need to fill in.
  • Incorporate a bold title above the form and a colourful submission button to further highlight your form.
  • Test your form on mobile devices. With more than half of all online traffic being mobile users, you don’t want these people not sharing their information simply because your form isn’t readable.

If you’re hesitating between two styles, A/B test the two options to determine which design or wording brings in the most leads.

4. Include your lead generation form above the fold

Marketers distinguish between “above the fold” and “below the fold” content. Above the fold content is content that is immediately visible when you open a page. You have to catch people’s attention to get them to scroll down. Content that users have to scroll down for is below the fold.

It’s best to place your lead generation form above the fold, so more users see it.

5. Split your lead generation form into different parts

A form with more than five questions can look less attractive and potentially deter leads from sharing their information. So keep it simple by splitting your form into two steps. Begin by asking people for their first and last names. With this information submitted, new fields appear which ask for their email address and any other data you require.

You may think that leads will drop out when seeing more fields. But that’s unlikely. Because people are consistent in their behaviour. So if they’ve decided to sign up for something, three extra questions will not deter them.

6. Don't forget to include a privacy notice

A less sexy element to consider, but no less important. A privacy notice is an essential part of a lead gen form. In fact, it’s a requirement. It lets people know how you will use their data and conveys transparency and trust.

7. Get in touch quickly

Your ideal client has filled in your lead generation form, time for a happy dance!

Now it’s time to get in touch with this person. Don’t let this person ask a question to your competitors. Ideally, call people back within five minutes of receiving their information. Alternatively, follow up via email in less than an hour.

Leadinfo’s lead generation forms enable your sales team to get in touch with prospects quickly. By integrating our tool with Slack or your email program of choice, you immediately get notified when new leads fill in a form. Try our software for free to experience this.

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