8 Effective B2B cold email templates to generate more leads


B2B cold emails can be intimidating to write. Our sales experts have compiled 8 B2B cold email templates based on different occasions, which you can use as a starting point and flesh out.

B2B cold emails are the starting point of many sales interactions. It’s a way for a company to introduce itself and its offering to a potential customer, make a first impression, and build relationships.

However, they can be intimidating and difficult to write. But you don’t have to figure it out on your own. Our sales experts have compiled eight B2B cold email templates based on different occasions, which you can use as a starting point. For the best results, edit our templates to better address your target audience while ensuring the content reflects your brand and tone of voice.

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1. B2B cold email template for when a user browsed your blog

If you noticed someone browsing your blog and clicking through a specific category or topic, follow up by providing them with resources to learn more. From offering an ebook about a similar topic to inviting them to a webinar, this is a great way to start a conversation without selling.

Subject line: Want to learn more about [topic]?

Hi [Name],

My name is [Name], and I wanted to reach out to see if you would be interested in joining our upcoming webinar on [topic].

You’ll spend a half-hour with us learning about [aspect 1], [aspect 2], and [aspect 3].

If you can’t make it, I can send you the recap—there should be lots of great insights, and we’d hate for you to miss it.

Let me know, and I’ll get you signed up.

Copy text

2. B2B cold email template for a lead using a competitor’s product or service

It’s okay to show potential prospects that you’re different, potentially better, than your competitors. However, you need to explain why without badmouthing your competitors or directly sending a sales pitch.

So the best way to go about this is to combine a neutral tone, your USP’s and explain why you might be a better fit.

Subject line: How is [competitor product or service] working out for you?

Hi [Name],

I was browsing your website and saw that you are using [competitor’s product]. How is it working out for you? I work for [your company].

Our [product] is similar to [your competitor’s product], only our customers’ report we’re better with [key USP and differentiators], which might work better for [lead’s company].

I would love to hop on a quick call with you and see if we could make [lead’s company] better.

How does [date and time] work for you?

Copy text

3. B2B cold email template offering to solve a problem

When offering to solve a problem via a cold email, you can do this by painting a picture of the current situation, motivating the reader to avoid “pain, “ and inspiring them to respond.

To achieve this in your writing, simply highlight a problem or frustration that is highly relevant to your client. Paint a picture of the consequences before offering a solution which can ensure this result doesn’t happen.

Subject line: How to avoid [name client’s problem] and achieve [name your solution]

Hi [Name],

[Your name] from [your company] here. Does your [lead’s company name] suffer from [specific problem]?

It’s a tough issue to overcome, and something most [companies in your lead’s industry] companies suffer from. And it can cost [stat or research].

Our [product/service] helps you avoid this by [benefit in one sentence or less].

I’d love to tell you more. Are you available for a call on [date and time] next week?

Copy text

4. B2B cold email template leading with a question

Asking a question is a powerful way to pique a reader’s interest and deliver your message. However, generic, non-tailored questions don’t work. A question-based cold email must be specific and relevant to your reader.

By recognising their pain point, offering a quick fix and respecting their time, you ensure that your email will stand out from the crowd.

Subject line: How [your company] can help you further [goal]

Hi [Name],

[Your name] from [your company] here, want to see how you can instantly [benefit of your product/service]?

I know you’re busy working on [specific result that your product/service can help with], so I’ll make this quick.

I’m the [your role], and I’ve got a few suggestions to help you immediately generate some quick wins within [area your lead is working on]. Here they are:

[Win 1]

[Win 2]

[Win 3]

You might not have the time to do this, though, and that’s where [your company] can help. Would you be available for a quick 15-minute chat during the next week so I can walk you through the tips and discuss this further?

Copy text

5. B2B cold email template based on a company’s recent news

There’s no need to always ask your reader to do something or get in touch with you. Sometimes, simply supporting or celebrating with a potential lead can lead to rewards further down the line.

So if you hear about developments or achievements of one of your target companies, use this opportunity to break the ice and establish contact.

Subject line: Congrats on your latest achievement!

Hi [Name],

Congratulations on [event or achievement]!

Your glowing reviews on [insert link or mention site] say a lot about your team. It’s clear that you’re going to make an impact on the [insert industry/market] soon.

I just wanted to say congratulations; I look forward to more good news about [their company].

My name is [you name], I work at [your company], and we [one-pitch sentence]. If you need anything at all, just give us a shout.

Copy text

6. B2B cold email template to find the appropriate decision-maker

After doing a bit of research, you may still feel uncertain as to who to reach out to to talk about your product or service. It’s okay to ask for guidance.

The below cold email demonstrates that you’ve done your research and matched your product or service to your reader’s business model—you’re just uncertain about who to best chat with to further pursue this opportunity.

Subject line: Can you point me in the right direction?

Hi [Name],

I’m [your name] and I [your role] at [your company]. We have recently launched a new solution that [one sentence pitch].

I’d like to speak to someone from [lead company name] who is responsible for [key decision required to buy or use your product].

If it’s you, would you be open to a 10-minute call on [time and date] to discuss how [your company or solution name] can help your business? If it’s not you, can you kindly point me to the appropriate person?

Copy text

7. B2B cold email template for referrals

Mutual connections or referrals are powerful elements which you should use when emailing a cold lead.

Therefore, whether you’re following up with someone after a phone call or email exchange with a colleague of theirs, be sure to mention that in an email. The personal connection will motivate the recipient to respond.

Subject line: Reaching out to chat about [reason]

Hi [Name],

Your colleague [colleague name] told me you were [mention reason why unavailable] and asked me to contact you.

I was calling/emailing you to discuss [specific reason or matter]. Are you available on [name time and date] for a 15-minute call?

Copy text

8. B2B cold email template for website visitors

Using Leadinfo, you’ll be able to see which companies visit your website. You can leverage this opportunity and reach out to cold leads and nurture them by sending a personalised cold email rather than adding them to a mass email list.

To do this, acknowledge the action a lead has taken and offer a personalised solution based on their pain point and browsing patterns.

However, do note that this doesn’t work for every industry and can come off as very forward. So don’t use this template for every single cold lead that visits your werbsite.

Subject line: How can we help?

Hi [Name],

[Your name] from [your company] here. You and a number of your colleagues at [lead company] have visited our website and [action taken on website].

I was wondering whether they were trying to figure out how you might [business solution]? So, I did some research and found some areas of opportunity for you.

One idea I have is to [your suggestion based on research].

With the number of people researching our company, would it make sense to talk for 10 minutes?

Copy text

B2B Cold email templates to help you win

Writing successful B2B cold emails can be tricky, but the above eight templates are a strong way to start. To fill them in and guarantee next-level results, you’ll need to conduct research. This will dictate which template you should use and what content will best resonate with your recipient.

By reaching out to cold leads, such as website visitors who browsed your blog or service pages, or target companies who’ve experienced recent developments, you can initiate new business relationships and further fill your sales pipeline.

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