10 free LinkedIn InMail templates to boost your sales


There are many reasons you might need LinkedIn InMail templates. After all, there are many reasons for reaching out to a potential customer. So here are our 10 best LinkedIn InMail templates, organised depending on the occasion, to help you build genuine relationships no matter the circumstance.

LinkedIn InMails, when done right, can play a large role in your lead generation strategy and help you further fill your sales pipeline and boost sales. It all starts with establishing a rapport with individuals.

There are a variety of ways to do this using LinkedIn InMail (either Sponsored or via LinkedIn Premium). From having a mutual connection to sharing valuable content or helping them solve a problem. Whichever way you go about doing this, the aim is not to sell or even ask for a meeting; the goal is to build a relationship whilst also provoking curiosity. However, finding the right words and striking the correct tone can be challenging.

Therefore, we’ve gathered our 10 best LinkedIn InMail templates, which we’ve categorised depending on your needs, to help you build genuine relationships no matter the circumstance. You can use these as a starting point and further flesh them out.

Curious as to how to write your own InMail message? Check out our 6 step process as to how to best do this.

LinkedIn InMail templates for connection requests on LinkedIn

You may want to directly connect with specific individuals as these connections could come in handy further down the line and give you a foot in the door when the time comes.

It’s simply a matter of crafting friendly yet professional request messages. The following three templates are meant to help you do just that.

A straightforward connection request

The easiest way to connect with an individual is to send a personalised message which show’s you’ve done a bit of research. This will immediately make your request stand out and pique a user’s interest.

Subject line: Let’s connect

Hi [name],

I noticed from your LinkedIn profile that you [list a few commonalities such as belonging in the same LinkedIn group, share a mutual connection, work in the same field]. [Briefly explains how these relate back to you].

I hope these reasons are enough to send you a connection request.

Copy text

Connecting with individuals in a specific industry or position

If you operate within a specific industry or have a particular role, it’s not unreasonable to connect with people in similar circles as you. So don’t hesitate to reach out to those individuals and even follow up by asking them questions and offering them an opportunity to talk about themselves.

Subject line: Let’s connect

Hi [name],

I see that you are [position] at [current company].

I’m looking to connect with [position] professionals like you and further develop my network as I’m also [state your position or industry of operation].

Mind if we connect?

Copy text

Met someone at an event and looking to connect template

If you had the chance to briefly interact with someone of interest at an event and wish to keep in touch, use this as a conversation starter. It’s a good way to keep tabs on their career, and, as you’ve already interacted, it’s easier to strike up a conversation or ask for a meeting further down the line.

Subject line: It was nice meeting you at [event name]

Hi [name],

It was nice meeting you at [event name] in [city]. Our conversation about [topic] really got me thinking about [if possible, explain your thoughts further].

I’d like to keep in touch and stay in the loop of what you’re up to. Let’s connect!

Copy text

LinkedIn InMail templates to establish contact

When it comes to connecting with potential customers, your messages will most likely fail if you simply send a pitch message. Instead, demonstrate that you’ve done your research and offer up some value whilst establishing trust and breaking the ice. This is a powerful way to connect with cold leads.

Finding commonalities and offering free value

With LinkedIn, finding common ground with an individual is easy. For example, once you know someone’s position within a company, it can be fairly easy to demonstrate how you could bring them some value. Leaving an individual with a positive impression.

Subject line: Hello from a fellow [aspect in common]

Hi [name],

I came across your profile and was very interested in your experience in [position] in [industry].

How about we get in touch? I share a lot of content relating to [profession or industry] that I think you might find useful.

Copy text

Offering a solution to a problem while offering value

If a connection recently posted about a challenge they are facing which you can solve, this is the perfect moment to reach out and offer some value, free of charge. Don’t try to pitch them a paid service. Simply give away the knowledge, as this will pay back in the long run.

Subject line: How to put an end to [problem]

Hi [name],

Your LinkedIn post discussing how your company is struggling to overcome [specific problem] made me think of others I know experiencing the same frustration. What seems to work is when companies tackle these three core issues:

[solution 1]
[solution 2]
[solution 3]

Let me know if you’d like me to send an eBook my company put together that spells out how to address these issues effectively.

Copy text

Expressing admiration of someone’s work

If you find someone whose content speaks to you, don’t hesitate to reach out and say so. This is a perfect opportunity to establish initial contact, and who doesn’t like flattery.

Subject line: Loved your latest post about [topic]

Hi [name],

My name is [name], I’m [position] at [your company name]. I came across your post about [topic], and I just had to get in touch with you.

You seem like exactly the type of person I want to interact with on LinkedIn. I admire the work of [their company name] as [reason for your admiration].

I also saw you worked on [why they could be your perfect client], and I have something I think you might benefit from in future.

Can we get in touch?

Copy text

Referral or mutual connection

A referral or common connection are powerful elements which immediately establish a baseline of trust. So pointing out a mutual connection can be the perfect icebreaker since, in addition to giving you context for your message, it also helps you build some initial authority.

Subject line: [person] recommended I get in touch with you

Hi [name],

Nice to meet you! I saw that we are both connected with [mutual connection’s name], so I wanted to reach out. Seeing that you [point in common.] as [mutual connection], I thought it might be nice for us to connect as well. How well do you know each other?

All the best,

Copy text

Inviting someone to an event

Once you’ve connected with someone, a great way to engage with them is by inviting them to an event or webinar you are hosting. This allows you to potentially meet them and scoop up their contact information.

Subject line: I’d like to invite you to [event name]

Hi [name],

My name is [your name], and I wanted to reach out to see if you would be interested in joining our [duration of event] upcoming webinar on [topic].

During this event, [speaker name and position] will discuss [main points] in addition to [another important point]. So I hope you can join us!

However, if you can’t make it, I can also send you a recap. Simply let me know, and I’ll sign you up.

All the best,

Copy text

LinkedIn InMail templates for partnerships

With millions of active users, LinkedIn is a powerful platform through which you can build your partner network. All it takes is exchanging a few words.

Establishing contact with a potential partner

When you spot a potential partner, tailor your connection request InMail to demonstrate how closely your values align. This is an efficient way of building a positive rapport with a company.

Subject line: Let’s connect!

Hi [name],

I saw on your profile that you’re associated with [industry or company]. I’m also interested in [industry or company] and its effects on [specific topic].

Mind if we connect and keep in touch about developments on [specific topic]?

I hope you have a great week,

Copy text

Further nurturing your partnership

A partnership is mutually beneficial. The following template is about exchanging value. The specific scenario outline may not be applicable to you, but the aim is to take the relationship to the next level by offering something of interest.

Subject line: Looking for more prospects?

Hi [name],

As we’re both interested in [topic or industry], I thought of inviting you to my weekly meeting with leaders in [topic or industry], during which we help each other out via introductions to prospects. In a few months, my networking group books me more meetings than my clients.

Would you be interested in meeting for a coffee to talk about how we might be able to help each other?

Hope to meet you soon,

Copy text

Initiate new business relationships

LinkedIn offers powerful opportunities to further your reach and communicate with potential clients, but finding the right words can be tricky. So whether you want to grow your network, further engage with cold leads or increase the number of partners you have, we have a template for you. Combined with a bit of research, you will be off to a strong start and be able to send messages which resonate with each recipient.

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